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Jul 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
man, 24- year-old james holmes, open fire inside of a movie theater. in all, 70 victims and 12 people who were killed. eyewitness news has complete coverage, we have the latest from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: well, the victims of this massacre have been identified and family members have been told if their loved ones were among those killed or wounded. at this hour, 24 people are still in the hospital, 11 in critical condition. candles flickered throughout the night for the victims in the theater sheeter. matt's fiance is on life support. >> it makes no sense. >> reporter: tom sullivan spent the day trying to find his son. >> we're looking for him. >> reporter: and then late friday night, the family was notified alex sullivan was killed. he was celebrating his 27th birthday with a midnight screening of the "dark knight rises," when this man, 24-year- old james holmes threw gas canisters into the theater and started shooting. >> at the time, i thought it was fireworks and then i was hit here. >> reporter: steve martin is one of the 70 people shot or injured. with so many victims, i
Jul 22, 2012 8:00am EDT
holmes planned his massacre with calculation and deliberation. fbi investigators will be back shooting for evidence inside the apartment. on saturday bomb squad technicians set off a controlled debt in addition to help clear the explosives. a trip wire was discovered running across the front door to detonate dozens of homemade bombs. >> this department was designed based on everything i seen to kill whoever entered it. >> reporter: police say he spent over $15,000 over several months to build his assault rifles, chemical exemployees evidences. he's accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58. not far from here this memorial has been growing. people have been coming by to light candles and leave messages and candles for their loved one or victims. >> i just wanted to show that people can still care even if i don't know them. >> reporter: the youngest victim was six years old. >> her whole life changed with a flash of church. she still doesn't know her daughter. >> reporter: 27 year old died when he jumped on top of his girl friend shielding him from the gun fire. she was shot in the le
Jul 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
discovered a notebook addressed to a doctor in the university's mail room. holmes attorney says the contents of that package should be protected under doctor patient privilege. >>> back here police are flooded with tips in the abduction of cal ripken's mother but have yet to make an arrest. police have released photos of the suspect. they say the photos are generating a number of calls but the kidnapper still remains on the loose. >>> a double dose of bad news for bge customers. weeks after a monster storm left tens of thousands of people without power for days the company is asking for a rate increase. the utility says it needs more money to make improvements. the average customer would pay about $7 per month more. the increase would go into effect next february if approved by state regulators. >>> the world is still talking about the huge night of celebration in london. billions watched as the olympic opening ceremony kicked off the summer games. >> the stadium became a stage to showcase the best of britain. rings of fire showered over a crowd of 62,000 spectators. the british sen
Jul 29, 2012 8:00am EDT
last month. but was one of the 12 killed when james holmes opened fire inside the new batman movie in aurora, colorado. >> we will do what we can to remember them and just share their stories. >> reporter: her brother jordan ghawi. >> if he could have done this with this much hate. imagine what we could do with this much love. >> reporter: her family made it a point to remember the other victims. especially the ones who died protecting others. matt mcquinn was one of them. he was remembered in ohio. he died protecting his girlfriend. >> his immediate response was to protect the ones he loved. >> reporter: there have now been services for seven of the victims and there are still more to come. in san antonio, texas, wjznews. >> staff sergeant jesse childress was laid to rest in colorado. stay tuned for the complete tragedy in aurora, log on to for more. >>> an investigation is underway after a boat sinks in ocean city. it happened 46 miles offshore. the coast guard said nine people were sent into the water and the boat sank a half hour after the call came in. everyone on board w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4